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Olivia Munn’s Surprise Renovation for Her Mom

Olivia Munn’s Surprise Renovation for Her Mom

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Travis grew up in a construction family. His dad built every house that they lived in (21 before he was 18) and his mom made selections for each house choosing a different style each time. His grandpa built schools, his uncle builds huge commercial buildings, and his aunt is a successful real estate broker -- so Travis was destined to be involved in the industry that consumed his childhood. He reports reading houseplan books like they were comic books, and This Old House was his equivalent to Saturday morning cartoons. He loves every aspect of home design and construction and it is all that he has ever known. To this day, Travis remains totally immersed in design and building trends and intently listens to his clients: embracing their ideas, their lifestyles and the way they live in their homes.


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At MIDMODERNdesign we approach every project with the belief that great design is an integral part of every successful home. Our team enjoys the details of design — continually working to make sense of the millions of options, and presenting only what is on style, on budget, and on timeline for you.  We have partnered with qualified interior designers who have years of experience.  We specialize in remodels including both kitchens and baths.  These are not only the most important rooms in your home but also garner the biggest return for your investment!

We can help with a small refresh or a total demolition down to the framing.  Email us to learn more about how we can help with your new project!

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